Fino Protect

Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves

With Cut Resistant Lining and Nitrile MicroSurface Grip Coating

Handling sharp edges, blades, or points in your work or leisure time carries a risk of injury no matter how proficient you are. When you’d rather get the work finished than tiptoe around your tools and equipment, you need protection that doesn’t get in the way. Wet or dry, the Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves protect against cuts, abrasions, punctures, tears, debris, and oil with advanced nanotechnology that works on a microscopic level to improve your grip, safety, and comfort.

Total Protection

A seamless combination of cut resistant lining and Nitrile coating in a fitted knit provide the ultimate protection for manual work in wet, dry, dirty, or oily conditions. The nanotech grip disperses fluid and keeps you in reliable contact with your work surface. The Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves have earned the highest possible ratings for the EN 388 2016 Coup cut, abrasion, puncture, and tear tests. At this level of dexterity, there’s no better protection for your hands.

Improved Comfort

Get the perfect fit from a wide assortment of sizes. A flexible and breathable knit maintains total dexterity and comfort while providing top-of-the-line cut resistance, all features that are crucial to safe and efficient work conditions. The Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves have a gauge of 13, meaning there are 13 knit rows in every vertical inch. This close knit offers superior protection to lower gauges and creates a fitted wrist that keeps dirt and debris out of your gloves.

Bigger Savings

The tough cut resistant lining and durable Nitrile coated palm and finger coating on the Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves allow them to be laundered normally when they become heavily soiled, so you can use them again and again. This extended longevity reduces the overall cost of replacement gloves over the span of your career or hobby, resulting in significant savings. High-quality gloves pay off now in value and again in savings down the line. 

A Seamless Combination of Protection and Dexterity

Testing Standards

The EN 388 uses a spinning, circular blade under 500 grams of constant weight to test the cut-resistance of various materials. The more rotations it takes to cut the material, the higher the rating. The Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves’ Coup score of 5, the highest possible, indicates that more than 20 rotations were completed as the blade was dragged over the cut resistant material without cutting it through. After the Coup test, the TDM 100 test reveals that up to 1,530 grams of force can be applied to a straight blade before it cuts the material. The Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves also received top marks for abrasion, puncture, and tear resistance. Impact resistance was not tested.

Strong Lining

The cut resistant lining is a newly-developed application of graphene, a type of graphite carbon that consists of a single layer of atoms in a 2D honeycomb lattice. Similar to its 3D counterpart graphite, graphene is 100 times stronger than steel in relation to its own weight, which is incredibly light due to the honeycomb arrangement of its atoms. The cut-resistant lining is  made up of micro-structured graphene sheets that are deliberately aligned along the fiber axis for maximum strength and protection. The Fino Protect cut resistant lining currently outperforms all other available cut and tear-resistant glove materials. 

Protecting Coating

The Fino Protect Cut-Resistant Gloves are dipped in Nitrile MicroSurface to coat the entire palm and fingertips. Nitrile is the go-to material for industrial jobs that involve the handling of oily parts because it’s resistant to hydrocarbon-based oils and solvents. Nitrile enhances the puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance of the gloves’ cut resistant lining and keeps oils off of the glove material and wearer. This durable, synthetic rubber compound is the optimal choice for maximizing protection in a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

Get a Grip

Thousands of microscopic pores in the surface of the Nitrile coating create suction against your work surface, forcing moisture away and forming a strong, vacuum-like grip that won’t slip or slide. This surface improves your dexterity and safety in wet and/or dirty applications like parts assembly, fabrication, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and heavy fastening and anchoring. The coating covers the palm and fingertips completely, giving you an enhanced grip in virtually any position, so you don’t have to reposition your hands, gloves, or workpieces to keep your grip.

Fino Protect

For the past 10 years, Fino Protect has been supplying professionals like you with premium PPE, professional-grade equipment, and dependable gear through private label brands and OEMs. Our mission is to make your work safer and more efficient by providing quality products at affordable prices.